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At the moment, ShutterLyfe is a one man team.


First off, thank for you taking the time to visit my website.  In today’s hectic life and with so many interests pulling in us in many directions, I really do appreciate the people that find interest in both myself and my goals.

I am a 20 year old creative individual who lives for all things related to cameras. My interest in photography began about two years and what started as curiosity has now become my passion. During this time I have had the amazing opportunity to work with other talented individuals. We not only share a love of photography, but we also propel each other’s skills forward.

While in high school, I was employed at GlamourShots and in one year I was put in front of over 500 people, many of whom had never tried modeling before. This opened an exciting opportunity for me to develop my people skills and my ability to make customers feel comfortable, relaxed, and confident. I was the main photographer/editor at GlamourShots for 7 months straight. This allowed me to gain a lot of valuable in studio experience. Recently I’ve started to venture into on location shoots, this allows me to not only interact with the environment, but it lets my creativity soar outside the studio walls.

One of my biggest pleasures is making models feel beautiful and empowered by their own look. I spend a lot time on my computer, either learning more industry standard programs, working on my own projects, or on my website.

I enjoy spending time with friends and dogs lol. If you’d like to know anything else about me don’t hesitate to contact me through my website.